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Marble Worktops

Marble Worktops

Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock. It is denser than limestone as a result of having been through some heat and pressure. Most tend to take a high polish. We recommend it for bathrooms and internal flooring. Marble is available in a wide range of colours and textures.

While we hope you find these sample images useful in making an initial selection we must emphasise that there is no substitute for inspecting physical samples in person to appreciate the colour and texture of materials. We would encourage you to visit our London workshop to see the wide selection of stone available.


Unlike Quartz, Granite is a natural stone and as such requires a little more attention. Although the same cleaning and maintenance habits should apply across all or any stone surfaces, we advise on being a little extra cautious when handling granite or marble surfaces.

We advise that you clean your granite stone surfaces regularly with soapy water or a neutral mild detergent and a soft cloth/sponge. Rinse off surfaces with clean water. Polish dry with a soft cloth. 

We are able to give our services anywhere in the UK but operate mostly in London, Kent, Luton, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire.

Bleach, chlorine based cleaners, acids, alkalis or concentrated disinfectants will damage your stone surfaces. We strongly advise NOT to use any of these on your surfaces. If any of these come into contact with the stone, clean them off immediately, otherwise surface damage and discolouration is likely to occur. 

Always use cutting boards to chop and slice food upon. Never cut directly onto the stone surfaces.

Over time, natural stone surfaces (granite or marble) may begin to weather and naturally loose its initial appearance. We recommend resealing your worktops every 6months.


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