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Care & Maintenance

If you utilize the graniteor the quartz counter top care and cleaning procedures that follow for all your countertops . . . no matter what type of stone or surface you’ll eliminate most potential problems without ever having to think too hard about it or worry that you may be causing damage.

Care & Maintenance

Do: Blot up spills immediately.

Acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce and sodas will not etch granite like they do marble, but they could potentially stain the surface. Cooking oils may also leave a stain if not wiped up.

Do: Clean surfaces using a sponge or soft cloth.

Using a specially formulated natural stone cleaner to keep your tops in the best condition and protect the sealer, but hot water will do for quick clean-ups.

Do: Use trivets and hot pads under pots & pans.

Yes, you can take a hot pot off the stove and put it right on granite or quartz countertops without any problems. It is possible for granite (or any stone or quartz) to suffer “thermal shock” and crack, but rare. You don’t really want to put hot pans on any other surface save soapstone.

Replacing tired worktops

Turning a drab cooking space into your dream kitchen might mean knocking a wall down or completely changing the layout of the cupboards and countertops. At London Quartz our fitters are accustomed to working with other traders and builders so we can fit in with their schedules. This is to make sure your kitchen renovation is completed in a timely manner.

Easy Kitchen Refurbishments

Fortunately, refurbishing and refinishing a stone worktop is a simple job that can often be done in situ. Depending on the level and type of damage, the refurbishment may involve stripping and refinishing the stone. It can also include removing a few millimeters of the surface to rejuvenate damaged material. Next comes patching, filling or other repair work; or even remodeling and recutting the stone to fit a larger sink or alter damaged edges.

Qualified Team of Experts

At Alan Marble Stone we are able to carry out all aspects of the refurbishment project including carpentry, decorating, construction, installation, plumbing and electrical. Our renovations are all carried out by our certificated and qualified SMG representatives.

We have a variety of stones available for your ideal kitchen worktop such as Granite, Marble, Quartz and many more available.


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